Where can you see free live music in Malaga

Who doesn’t love to go out and enjoy some good food and drinks, a good atmosphere, some music… and if all of it comes together, then even better! That’s why we are writing this post, so you don’t miss out on the best restaurants, bars or showrooms to see free live music in Malaga.

Besides, we have also combined a good mix of environment ans music styles, so no matter which are your preferences, you will find your favorite spot to have a good time and enjoy good live music in Malaga.

El Artsenal, Muelle Uno
Our favorite place to enjoy an outdoor concert in Malaga. It’s the perfect plan to have a fun time dancing while you have a refreshment, or relaxing under the sunshades while listening to live music.

El Artsenal is in Muelle Uno (Malaga Port). It is an open gallery that you can visit at any time of the week, but it also offers free live music on the weekends.

ZZ Pub

One of the most legendary bars in Malaga. ZZ Pub is the only one in the city that offers free live music every single day of the week. If you like rock’n’roll, beer and having an amazing time, then you will love ZZ Pub. It is always open to rock lovers of all ages and whereabouts. A good atmosphere and fun times are certain to happen while you listen to live covers of classic rock songs.

El Balneario, at los Baños del Carmen

How does it sound to you a good concert by the sea as you witness a beautiful sunset? It sounds pretty amazing to me!

El Balneario is a restaurant ith one of the best views of Malaga. It has live music every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 6pm. Commonly of flamenco groups. They also organize concerts some nights during the weekends. Visit their social networks for more information about them.

El Pimpi

If you are visiting Malaga, you have to go to El Pimpi. It’s a winery very well known for their sweet wine, and their barrels full of autographs and photos of all the famous people who visit it.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays you can check out their fun flamenco fusion show by Encarni Navarro. It takes place at 9:30pm in El Palomar (going up the stairs next to the restrooms).

Taberna Flamenca Amargo

Taberna Flamenca Amargo offers free concerts every week. It is a flamenco tabern with a different atmosphere to the one you find in other bars or clubs in Málaga. So if you would like to listen to some flamenco-pop music, Amargo is the place to experience it and have fun!.


If you are looking for something a bit more fancy, Kaleido is a restaurant with wonderful views and fantastic ambience. It is locate at the Port of Malaga. Its outdoor area is sorrounded by palm trees, where you can listen to their live music, both during the afternoons and at night. Follow them on their social networks (click +info) to know more about their concerts.

La Polivalente

La Polivalente is located in the neighbourhood of Lagunillas, behing Teatro Cervantes. It is a local showroom where you can witness all kind of shows, such as theatre, open mic, concerts, poetry… They are always into something, and most of these events are free or at a very good price. It is a very lively and alternative place, where you can appreciate Malaga’s arts and culture scene.

La Casa Invisible

Another alternative venue in Málaga, full of art and culture. La Casa Invisible (The Invisible House) provides a wide program of concerts, speeches, cine-forums, seminars, projections and much more. Most of their events are free! Also, they have a beautiful inside patio that is a great place to relax and have a drink.

La Fábrica

One of the newest and trendiest spots in Malaga. With a capacity for 450 people, La Fábrica has artisan beers and live music from local artists. In their menu they offer a variety of finger licking international and typical Andalusian food. Yum!

They are still growing, but they promise to have concerts every day of the week.

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