Are you new to the city and wanting to know more about it? Or are you a non-stop, go-go-go, Malagueño or Malagueña who needs to get out of the house? If you like to get out and explore new places all over the city, sea, or mountain… you are in the right place!

Málaga Flow was born with the purpose of helping a community of active people who love enjoying both the city and the outdoors and empower them to choose the best way to spend their time and money. Here we share our adventures and knowledge to help our audience enjoy the best that Málaga has to offer but with non of the BS.

But… who is hiding behind such a cool name, Málaga Flow? An American, a Malagueña and our Spanish water dog, Moka. Want to know more about us? Keep reading!!

Our Team

Meet Geoffrey

Originally being from California and a true adventurer at heart, he wanted to always live abroad and travel the world. After studying in Málaga for a year, he didn’t need much convincing when he followed María across the pond and back to the city a few years later.

Geoffrey is an entrepreneur who hopes to have a lasting positive effect on the world and works towards it every day. He has an ever-evolving curiosity for exploration and has set foot on practically every trail in Málaga. You will see his amazing photography and videography throughout MF’s website and social networks.

In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, dirt biking, fishing, hiking, camping, cooking, photography, videography, and drinking lots of water.

Meet María

A purebred Malagueña, very proud of her hometown (Viva la Boquerona). After living in the U.K, Canada and U.S.A, she decided there was no paradise like Málaga.

Málaga Flow is the ideal place for her to display her passion for writing, art, nature and all the beautiful things in life. After meeting Geoffrey, María became an expert explorer and learned things such as mountain biking, skiing, starting a fire, pitching a tent in gale force winds and climbing to the top of mountains. Now she lives split between going to a concert on Saturday night or hiking the highest peak in Málaga on Sunday (or maybe both?).

Her favorite thing: waking up in nature. Crawling out of the ten and listen to the birds sing, smelling the fresh mountain dew and knowing that adventure awaits.

Meet Moka

Moka is the best companion for adventures. A purebred Spanish water dog, but has the heart of a goat and the lungs of a Nepalese Mountain Sherpa. She loves to swim, sniff, shake her paw for treats, and sleep like a log in the warm tent. She gets very excited when she sees the bikes and is an expert at finding the trail back to the car.

In her free time, she also enjoys to roll around the mud and get all kinds of prickles, barbs, and plants in her curly hair.

Her name, Moka, comes from the fact that she was once coffee colored when she was a puppy. But after her first sunny summer in Málaga, Moka stopped being a Mocha Cappuccino and became a blonde.

Even though she doesn’t like bread, Moka knows how to appreciate a good slice of Iberian ham after a hard day on the trail.

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