Spanish weather is notoriously famous for its sunny Mediterranean climate with a wealth of sunlight (almost 15 hours) in the summer time and a more than acceptable amount in the winter (9:30 hours) to help motivate you to get outside. However, a misconception that many people assume is Spain is always sunny and warm in comparison to its fellow northern countries.

Well, to be honest, the rest of Spain becomes cold and endures a typical winter, yet Malaga is kind of a weird place. For example, the second largest peak in all of Europe is less than a few hours drive from Malaga, it has a ski resort in the wintertime and receives an adequate amount of snow to ski or shred down.

But our beloved Malaga is indeed weird in the fact that it rarely receives any type of cold, winter type conditions. The lows will rarely reach below 10ºC at night and can sometimes see mid 20ºC. Just earlier today the high hit 23ºC and certainly don’t count out the strength of the sun which surprises most. This surprisingly strong sun can sometimes extend beach season until November and certainly keep your warm winter jacket at home.

With around 300 days of sun a year, you could indeed call it strange, but absolutely awesome at the same time!

Malaga sits in a rain shadow; even when the weather calls for rain, it infrequently rains. Yes, it might rain in the mountains but in the actual valley, we normally don’t become soaked sardines. This is a hush-hush topic that the local Malagúenos do not like advertising.

The fall and spring is a great time to visit Malaga as the heat and humidity of the summer has subsided. The best part is the summer vacation rush for all of Spain has ended and all the children are back in school, all of the grown ups are back at work which allows for a much more relaxing and local feel to come and take a well deserved vacation.

Please note that summer is also an amazing time to visit as you will be able to read all about it in an upcoming article but fall and spring definitely take the cake on an amazing time to visit and enjoy what Malaga has to offer. Even though Malaga winter weather is just about non-existent, any time is a good time to visit if you can find a cheap flight.

And hey, if you do end up coming to Malaga in the near future, please check back to read everything you need to know before you visit here. We specialize in events but also enjoy sharing our passion of Málaga with our audience.

With all of that in mind, have you started thinking to yourself why you don’t live here yet?

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