The MF Team had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Vans BMX Pro Cup hosted at Rubén Alcántara Skate Park here in our own beloved Málaga. The weekend was comprised of 31 of the best BMX riders from around the world putting on an amazing show in Europe’s largest skate park.

The competition took part in the bowl section of the park where riders had to navigate the swimming pool style course. All weekend the riders couldn’t get over how mind-blowingly fun the skate park was; the reactions were nothing but fun, fast and flowy!

The event is held as the second regional qualifying event, which can have the possibility of qualifying riders for the Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Championships. With $125,000 up for grab, you know everyone would be throwing down to get one step closer that that cash prize.

Last Thursday and Friday comprised of practice for the men and women through several jam session during the day. But on Saturday’s semi finals and finals turned up the heat only accepting 24 riders into Sundays Finals.

Sunday got a little wild to say the least. With riders feeling comfortable with the lines they would throw down for finals, the men and women were ready to leave everything on the line.

If you frequent Málaga Skate Park, then you must know of the man, the myth, the legend, local boy, Sergio Layos. Clinching a respectable third place through his smooth and high-speed style. Definitely a favorite to watch all weekend long and it showed in his finals run.

Second place was none other than Canada’s own Corey Walsh, who left the crowds jaw cemented to the ground after several massive gap transfers through his finals run. Very unique and original lines which got him a well deserved second.

Last, but certainly not least in an awe-inspiring finals run was USA’s Chase Hawk who took away the top spot after a pedal to the metal run. His clean unique style, wild line choices and colossal airs out of the bowl is the reason why this man deserved gold on Sunday.


1. Chase Hawk
2. Corey Walsh
3. Sergio Layos
4. Larry Edgar
5. Matt Cordova
6. Dennis Enarson
7. Gary Young
8. Ben Wallace
9. Pat Casey
10. Tom Dugan

Wrapping up an awesome weekend was the Best Trick Award where UK’s Ben Wallace just about sent it to the moon over one of the coolest/riders favorite features; the vert-quarter to rainbow bank landing. Boosting a massive flare and stomping the living bejesus out of it allowed Ben to take home the BTA. (sorry we missed the shot)

If you did not get a chance to make it this year, make sure you put it down on your calendar for the next. A very cool event put on by some awesome people. Hope to see you next year!

What do you guys think about the Vans BMX Pro Cup? Is this the coolest thing that has happened to Málaga since Espetos and Cañas on the beach? Let us know in the comments below.

Til next time,


The MF Team

P.S. Get out there and ride your damn Bike!